Types of Offerings

Offerings are classes, workshops and group projects offered by the SPARK co-op for students to participate in and facilitate. Offerings can cover a wide and diverse range of subjects and interests. Most Offerings will last 5-6 weeks with either an ongoing area of study (eg. Minecraft; Plant Biology, Teen Cooking) or a sampler type of course (eg. Art techniques; Science Experiments) which changes focus each week. Some offerings may be targeted at certain age-groups, while others can embrace a range of ages learning together.

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Offering Proposal

A SPARK class starts with a proposed Offering. A proposed Offering can be made by a student, a parent, or an outside resource who wants to bring their passions and skills to the group. The proposal will include a detailed overview description of the Offering idea. The proposal will also include logistical information such as minimum and maximum numbers of students, recommended age range, number and length of sessions, costs and preferred day and time.

Offering Wall

Once an Offering has been submitted, it is shared with the group and displayed with other offering ideas to gauge interest and feedback. Parents and Students can also request more information on particular Offerings at this time. Before each session starts students will indicate the Offerings they want to see brought to fruition.

Offering Commitments

Students who commit to a particular Offering are committing to attend all the sessions of that experience and are committing to giving an honest effort while respecting the other students, the instructor, and the resources for that class. This is important as SPARK is committing the time, space, expense, and resources to bring this Offering to our students.

Bringing the Offering to Life

The Offerings Team analyzes the level of interest for each offering and develops a schedule that – to their best ability – suits the needs of both individuals and the group as a whole. Offerings may be led by parents, outside tutors and the kids themselves.

Closing the Process

Once the Offering has been completed, families provide feedback on the experience. This feedback would include feedback on instructor, content, resources, engagement, recommended changes or follow-up Offerings, etc. This feedback will be used by the Offerings Team and the rest of the community to evaluate and approve proposals for future Offerings.