Our Mission

To facilitate and maintain a secular and self-directed learning environment by allowing our children to deeply engage with the world through their passions and interests. We embrace choice & freedom along with collaboration between peers, parent facilitators, and the local community.

SPARK is an inclusive and LGBTQ friendly community of homeschoolers creating a self-directed learning environment for all ages. We are a non-profit and parent-run cooperative located in Northern Kentucky just minutes from downtown Cincinnati. We pride ourselves on being a secular, diverse, and collaborative co-op that provides a space for both learning experiences and social interactions at an affordable price.

People should be free to find or make for themselves the kinds of educational experience they want their children to have.
— John Holt, Growing Without Schooling

Our Approach

SPARK has a unique approach to learning. The structure of our co-op requires both children and parents to take an active role in learning and building our community. We believe that people learn best when they are invested and engaged in topics that are meaningful to them. We meet this philosophy through our learning experiences called “offerings”.

Offerings are classes, workshops, or projects suggested by our families and often led and/or assisted by parent mentors. Offerings can cover a wide and diverse range of subjects and interests. Typical offerings are about an hour long and run weekly, lasting 5-7 weeks, with either an ongoing area of study (eg. Minecraft; Plant Biology) or a sampler type of course (eg. 3D art mediums; Science Experiments). Some offerings may be targeted at certain age-groups, while others can embrace a range of ages learning together.

SPARK is cooperatively run and supported by the parents of the children we serve and supplemented by bringing in outside mentors or instructors as appropriate. Parents participate by leading and assisting offerings, signing up for team jobs, and helping maintain our space both inside and out. Families pay modest fee and tuition which covers operational costs such as renting space, resources, and supplies.

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We have forgotten that children are designed by nature to learn through self-directed play and exploration, and so, more and more, we deprive them of freedom to learn, subjecting them instead to the tedious and painfully slow learning methods devised by those who run the schools.
— Peter Gray, Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life